India is a land of Temples and Pushkar can be listed in one of the top Indian town with most number of temples especially one devoted to Lord Brahma takes most of the tourists. Brahma Mandir (Brahma Temple) of the 14th century - the only temple of God Brahma in the world. From outside you can see the beautiful marble and stone construction and see distinct shikara (red pinnacle). Then you enter the temple along with a beautiful view all side. There you see the image of Lord Brahma with four faces and four hands, each facing in different directions. There you can also do traditional Pooja (Prayers).

Pushkar lake - which is supposed to be the only worship place of God Brahma Ji in the world. Pushkar Lake is surrounded by 52 bathing ghats (a series of steps leading to the lake), where pilgrims throng in large numbers to take a sacred bath, especially around Kartik Poornima (October-November) when the Pushkar Fair is held. A dip in the sacred lake is believed to cleanse sins and cure skin diseases. Over 500 Hindu temples are situated around the lake precincts.

Top Attraction to see in Pushkar

Savitri Mata Temple

Bharma Temple

Pushkar Lake

Rangji Temple

Pushkar Desert

Gurudwara Sahib